Ephniko ¨Aerosoldados¨ (GafetoTV) Soundtrack del documental ¨Todos Hermanos Centroamericanos¨

www.todoshermanoscentroamericanos.com Aerosoldados¨ (GafetoTV) Soundtrack del documental ¨Todos Hermanos Centroamericanos¨ Direccion & edicion: Federico Peixoto “Aerosodados” written produced and performed by Ephniko. mixed by Kevin Kage @ Durty Mics Studio. Camara: Erick Vargas, Darrin Jaramillo, Nicoa Rios, Federico Peixoto,Guigui Muñoz Still Camara: Nati Vargas Timelapse Asist: Guigui Munoz Correccion de Color: Melissa Rivera Bboy Pollo, Michael Innovacreative/zodisa Producciones del Gafeto/GafetoTV 2012

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